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Veils & Blushers & Birdcages, Oh My!

By: Katy Hunt

Photo Credit: Iris and Echo

The cherry on top of your entire wedding look is your veil. That one fabulous veil brings it all together and makes you a picture-perfect bride. But one size does not fit all when it comes to this delicate accessory…literally! There are many different lengths, styles, and even colors to consider. Plus, you want to make sure it highlights and complements your hairstyle, as well as the dress you no doubt worked so hard to select. 

It’s smart to consider the vibe you’re going for as far as veil design first, before worrying about length. As you may already know, no two veils are exactly alike. Veils can be trimmed in lace or gems, have rhinestones or pearls scattered throughout, or even incorporate a more colorful design. Think about your dress style and your personality…what’s going to fit you best? Once you’ve got a general idea for design in mind, you can use our simple crash course on veils, separated by relevant length, to make your final decision. Will you go vintage and edgy with a birdcage, or dramatic and elegant with a cathedral length? Find your perfect veil fit by using the guide below!


The shortest option of all veils, the birdcage is exactly how it sounds: netting or tulle forming a sort of “cage” just around the bride’s face. The veil itself acts much like a blusher, which we will get more into later, and is typically pulled back to reveal the bride in all her beauty just before the first kiss of the married couple. The birdcage is simple, easy, and effective, but also gives off a more vintage or even bold vibe. Paired with a sleek low updo, perhaps a dark lip, and a simple strapless sheath gown, your striking beauty will leave guests in awe!

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hope Photo


On the topic of blushers: a blusher is simply a portion of any veil (that’s right, any of these lengths covered can include a blusher!) that drapes over the bride’s face. Traditionally, this is a symbol of modesty and purity, but overall it just really creates a romantic and even ethereal look. A blusher goes with any and all dress styles…and hairstyles, too! All eyes will be on you when your partner or father lifts your blusher to reveal your glowing bridal beauty.


Going a bit longer in length, the shoulder-length veil can range from brushing the tops of the bride’s shoulders to falling just below her shoulder blades. This veil, as well as the rest of the veils we’ll cover from here on out, is traditionally made from lightweight, soft tulle. Because of its length, it is fairly light and gives you a youthful and almost bouncy or bubbly look. We think this pairs best with a strapless or off-the-shoulder style neckline. The veil does an amazing job with bridging the gap between your dress and your beautiful hair and makeup!


Our next veil selection ventures lower in length and hits at or just above the bride’s elbows. If you are looking to add a slightly more conservative element to your whole wedding look, you might consider an elbow-length veil. It offers a light, graceful way to cover your shoulders without taking away the focus from your dress as opposed to, say, a bolero or shrug. It also can assist in adding some volume to your dress, which is why we recommend pairing it with a sheath, A-Line, or slimmer silhouette dress.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Betances Photography


A truly timeless and versatile veil is the fingertip-length veil. The beautiful thing about this veil is that it is short enough to provide a fun, whimsical element to your look, while also showcasing any design on the back of your dress. It works with virtually any style of dress, from A-Line to Ballgown, to Fit-n-Flare, and adds just that little extra classic touch to your look. Whether your dress is simple or blinged out, the sheer fabric of this veil is long and delicate enough so that no details are lost, and all shines through.


The knee-length veil is perfect for any bride who loves dancing, but also wants to make a statement without a ton of tulle weighing her down. Falling just to the knee, this veil offers just the right amount of drama and whimsy alike, and looks amazing while twirling around with your groom. This style is especially striking on a taller bride, but of course can be rocked by any and all brides - perhaps complemented by a slimmer silhouette dress!


Also sometimes referred to as a ballet veil, the waltz veil falls to the bride’s mid-calf. This is an ideal option for the bride that still wants the dramatic length of a floor-length veil without it actually touching the floor. This length still gives you the freedom to move around with ease, and maybe do a little waltzing yourself! We recommend a trumpet style dress for this one.


We have finally reached the floor with this next option: the floor-length veil! This little number just brushes the floor, allowing for the right amount of wow-factor without the fuss of a long train. This veil style will complement any style of dress, but we love it paired with a streamlined silhouette, as it adds the volume that this type of silhouette otherwise can lack. You’ll be the whole package!


Moving into our most show stopping veil section, we come to chapel-length veils. Usually puddling just past the end of the bride’s dress, this veil option serves to lengthen your entire look in the most romantic way. It offers a little train, even just the illusion of a train, but not enough to require heavy maintenance or pesky bustling. Arguably one of the most popular lengths, the chapel-length veil flatters almost any dress - but you want to make sure it aligns with the length of your dress.

Photo Credit: Always Avery Photography


And now we come to the granddaddy of all veils…the cathedral-length veil! This one is sure to make the biggest statement of all the options covered. With a long train trailing behind the bride, this work of art is the pinnacle of luxury and class. These veils can be used as a sort of extension to your dress, so feel free to try on cathedral-length veils adorned with lace trim, embellishment, or embroidery that matches the theme of your dress. That being said, if you really want to be awe-inspiring, consider pairing it with a ball gown or embellished A-Line. However, these veils work beautifully with any style dress!

Ultimately, when it comes to veils, there are no rules. So make sure you try on several different lengths! And be sure to do so while wearing your dress. You may be surprised with what you like…and we can’t wait to see it all come together!

Photo Credit:

Iris and Echo

Mikaela Hope Photo

Cheryl Betances Photography

Always Avery Photography


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