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Sweet Treats for Your Sweet Day

By: Katy Hunt

There is nothing more classic than a wedding cake. Even just the phrase itself conjures up an immediate picture in our heads. All white, tiered, adorned with delicate piping and luscious florals, the wedding cake has stood the test of time and remains an iconic symbol of weddings everywhere. However, we believe you can think bigger on your wedding day. In recent years, we have noticed a trend of couples veering away from tradition and opting for alternative dessert options. In truth, the possibilities are endless - and can include anything from sugar, to spice, and everything nice!

Couples may have a number of reasons for implementing different dessert options at their weddings. Let’s be honest, not everyone likes cake. It’s even unfortunately become its own stereotype…”nobody eats the wedding cake”. Providing a variety to guests, perhaps in the form of a dessert table, allows everyone to be happy and pick something they like. Or, providing simpler or more staple items like cookies or even donuts allows guests to indulge their sweet tooth and give into multiple helpings. Or maybe the couple just wants something fresh and totally different - perhaps even something savory! 

Whatever your reasons for ditching cake, we love all the unique ideas we’ve seen from our couples, and wanted to draw attention to just a few of our favorites!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Judd Photography 

Dessert Buffet

Sometimes referred to as a Viennese table, a dessert buffet can exist on its own or in addition to a cake. This is an awesome option for couples who want a little bit of everything. It can offer anything you want really, from cupcakes, tarts, mousses, truffles, to pastries and more! Guests can grab whatever they’re craving at that moment, and enjoy a number of decadent options.


I know cupcakes are technically just teeny tiny cakes…but why do they taste so much better sometimes? Consider delighting your guests with a mini version of the classic wedding cake in a variety of different flavors! Not only are they cute and the perfect size, we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like them yet.

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Alexa Photography


Perhaps just as popular as cupcakes: cookies! A few batches of homemade cookies, maybe a few different kinds, are sure to be a hit at your wedding. One of our favorite ways to display cookies is the Pittsburgh cookie table, a western Pennsylvania tradition where friends and family of the bride and groom will prepare cookies to serve at the wedding. Emily and Asa showcased this perfectly at their wedding. Super thoughtful, and delicious! You can even make a cookie table a bit more boujee by implementing a macaron tower or two…they are cookies, after all!

Photo Credit: Lynda Berry Photography


My personal favorite recent dessert trend at weddings has got to be donuts. This timeless treat does such a good job of making one feel cozy and nostalgic, and we think that’s perfect for your big day. There are a couple of different ways to do donuts…we’ve seen couples simply stack donuts for little donut towers, hang donuts on pegs for a donut “wall” like our couple Erin and Austin, and even cut into giant donut “cakes”. Do-”nut” underestimate this sweet treat!

Cake That’s Not Cake

This one may sound complex but in reality, is oh-so-simple and sweet. Think of your favorite treat as a kid, or even just a kid at heart. Is it a cinnamon roll? A tastykake? Or maybe a fluffy stack of pancakes? Any of these can take center stage on your wedding day for your “cake” cutting. There are no rules! We’ve seen couples cut into a giant cinnamon roll, a giant donut, and much much more. Your centerpiece dessert should be one that represents your personality!

Photo Credit: Elm & Vine Photo


An underrated classic that’s often forgotten is pie. We don’t think there’s any way you can go wrong with this one. Tons of flavors, tasty fillings, beautiful crust decoration…enough said! Some couples will opt to have a few bigger pies to slice up and share with guests, like our couple Lindsay and Arielle, but recently we have seen a lot of mini individual pies pop up as well. So sweet and so cute!


Who ever said desserts have to be all sweet? Savory desserts can be just as crowd pleasing, and this one is for all my cheese lovers out there! Cheese acts as a dessert in many European countries, often accompanied by fruit and honey or jam. It’s light, refreshing, and combines just the right amount of sweet with savory. This can be served on a cheese board with other accouterments, or can even be presented in a sort of “cake” - aka, cheese blocks stacked on top of each other to look like the traditional tiered wedding cake! 

Photo Credit: George Street Photos


Continuing with the savory dessert trend, we come to Kimberly and Ryan, who decided to slice up their favorite pizza in lieu of slicing their cake! Ryan doesn’t eat cake, so every year on his birthday, they have pizza instead in celebration. Why should it be any different on their wedding day? Pairing this savory option with sweet options, like their actual wedding cake, allowed for the most perfect balance. I don’t know about you, but I know my late night snack choice is almost always something tantalizingly greasy…so why shouldn’t pizza have a place at your wedding?

Whether you choose the classic cake route, or a fun dessert alternative, we are so excited to see the uniqueness and creativity of your special day. We just know it’ll be the sweetest day!

Photo Credit: 

Rebecca Judd Photography

Mackenzie Alexa Photography

Lynda Berry Photography

Elm & Vine Photo

George Street Photos


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