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Wedding Spotlight: Meet the Bissols

By: Katy Hunt

Ever heard of the invisible string theory? It theorizes that “your person” is hidden in plain sight until the universe decides it’s the perfect time. Well, this month’s wedding spotlight couple, Ally and Brandon, are living proof that there’s truth to this theory! After serving in the Marine Corps, Brandon enrolled in Bloomsburg University for one year, which just so happened to be Ally’s senior year there. “We had a lot of mutual friends and found ourselves at a lot of the same parties,” Ally explained, though the two did not officially meet until the pair crossed paths again after Ally moved down to Philadelphia. “Brandon had been living in Philly with a few of our mutual friends from college and we were introduced to each other shortly after that,” she went on to say. 

Once the universe decided it was the optimum time, the rest was history! Ally and Brandon, originally Emmaus and Hazelton natives, respectively, officially started their love story in Philly together before buying a fixer upper in Ally’s hometown. The two are currently in the process of renovating to make it the perfect place to house their new life together, however Ally does caution: “0/10 do not recommend planning a wedding while renovating the house you’re living in at the same time. But I think if we can get through that we can get through anything, right?” And after such a successful wedding…we’d have to agree!

Water Works (by Cescaphe) was the perfect backdrop for these star crossed lovers to tie the knot. Located in Philadelphia where it all began for the couple, Ally and Brandon knew it would be a perfect and sentimental fit. “Water Works was only the second venue that we toured, and we instantly fell in love. It’s the perfect balance of having a city view on one side, but also the water/boathouse row and the Fairmount trails on the other,” Ally explained. From the first look between the couple happening against the Philly skyline, to the ceremony and reception overlooking the water, the venue served as the perfect versatile space for Ally and Brandon to share their love with their guests.

The enchanting day began with Ally and Brandon taking a moment alone together for their first look. Ally admits that this had to be one of her favorite moments from the day. “It was so special, and I loved that it was just the two of us getting to embrace each other for the first time,” she gushed. The two were glowing, and their photographer was able to beautifully capture that.

The precious moments continued as the ceremony began. The soft hum of a string quartet echoed throughout a billowing tent as Ally was escorted down the aisle by her father. After a moving ceremony, and not a dry eye in the house, excitement erupted and guests showered the new husband and wife with their cheers, well wishes…and confetti too! The exhilaration followed the happy couple inside The Engine House for cocktail hour, while event staff worked to magically redesign the ceremony space into the reception space of dreams. Guests were enchanted and thrilled when they re-entered the tent and the space had been completely transformed, decorated elegantly to showcase Ally and Brandon’s personalities and to highlight the beauty of Water Works. When all eyes weren’t on the couple, it was because they were dazzled by the fabulous decor, breathtaking views, the onsite live painter, and a fantastic giant set of marquee letters celebrating “The Bissols”!

The reception created so many favorite moments for the couple…and for us! “Brandon and I stopped and looked around at everyone dancing and drinking and knowing that they all came out to celebrate the two of us. It was special to see all our favorite people in one place for us!” Ally exclaimed. Brandon and Ally’s favorite people continued to enjoy their evening filled with dancing, drinking and for some, even a hand rolled cigar. With a custom cigar bar set up for guests, the party continued into the evening and certainly did not “go up in smoke”.

Whether it was by chance, or by fate, we are so happy for Ally and Brandon, and thrilled that their wedding represented the love that surrounds them. When asked what advice they had for other couples beginning to plan their big day, Ally had plenty to offer! 

  1. “Planning wise: Do everything you can to work a wedding planner/day of coordinator into your budget! I would cut my floral budget in half or cut costs on other things to get a wedding planner/day of coordinator. There are so many things happening and so many decisions that need to be made leading up to your wedding day and to have someone helping you who is in the wedding industry and knows how everything works was the BEST thing ever. Not to mention on our actual wedding day, my husband and I did not feel a single ounce of stress, our day of coordinators handled everything flawlessly.”

  2. “Don’t let the small stuff ruin your life. When have you ever left a wedding and thought ‘wow those table numbers really MADE that wedding.’”

  3. “My biggest piece of advice on the actual wedding day is to remember to keep checking in with each other and to have fun. Don’t forget, this day is to celebrate the start of a new chapter together. The day goes by so fast. Stop and take a moment to look around and see everyone that came out to celebrate the two of you.”

Amazing advice for all! The Divas were so excited to be a part of making your day so special and seamless, Ally and Brandon. Thank you for allowing us the honor of highlighting your enchanting and heartwarming day…we wish you all the love and happiness!


Venue: Water Works (Cescaphe)

Photographer: Melissa MacDonald

Videographer: The Neskes

Florist: Beautiful Blooms

Ceremony Music: Philadelphia String Quartet

Reception Music: SCE Event Group

Live Painter: The Celebration Artist

Marquee Letter Rental: AlphaLit

Photobooth: Center City Photo Booth

Cigar Bar: The Mobile Cigar Lounge

Audio Guest Book: Fetafone

Seating Chart: Autumn Design

Makeup: DevEsthetics

Hair: Marissa Grace Artistry

Spray Tan: Afterglow

Transportation: Sterling Limousing & Cescaphe Trolley

Hotel Block: The Logan


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