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Why Divas with the Details?

By: Joei DeCarlo DiSanto

It can be extremely difficult to know the difference between a venue coordinator and an outside planner. Who handles what? Who can I ask about X, Y, Z? Let’s talk about the differences and how Divas with the Details is here to make your big day run seamlessly!

Divas has the Scoop!

Divas maintain open communication throughout your entire wedding planning process so we have all of the details we need to make sure your day is executed just as you’ve envisioned. It’s not uncommon to meet your venue coordinator towards the tail end of your planning process (maybe once during your tour and then again as you confirm your menu selections and have your final walkthrough meeting), or to even meet one coordinator at the start, and then another at the end. By maintaining open communication, we ensure that we take as much time as needed to hammer out any and all details with you and your vendors to make your day run smoothly.

All Aboard the Wedding Train

One of Divas’ primary goals is to make sure your day runs smoothly from start to finish. We like our clients to look at us as the conductors of your wedding train: we ensure that all aspects of your big day are set in place for you. We make sure that all vendors (your venue coordinator included) are familiar with your itinerary and all of the moving parts that make up your wedding day ahead of time so we can all work together as a team! We also work with your other vendors such as your photographer, videographer, entertainment, florist, etc. to make sure they have a clear idea of what needs to be executed, logistics of the day, and serve as their point of contact so you can focus on having fun.

Divas to the Rescue!

While your venue coordinator will square away venue-related items such as overseeing catering or getting tables set, one of the Divas will be with you every step of the way! Divas makes sure someone is available at your ceremony and reception spaces to ensure proper execution of vendor deliveries and setup, and that someone is with you! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve pinned boutonnieres, charged a speaker for music while getting ready, steamed a gown, and gotten the bride or groom a well-deserved drink (coffee or alcohol- we’ll let you use your imagination!). Although these details may seem small, our goal is to make sure we have you covered from start to finish, no matter what your needs are!

Making it Happen

Oftentimes great ideas strike during the wedding planning process, but you may not know who to talk to about making them happen. Divas are always game to hear what your visions are and we are dedicated to making them happen! We have a list of hand-selected vendors we love to work with who can make any of your expectations for your big day a reality. Balloon arches? ✔️ Photo booth? ✔️ Cigar Bar? ✔️ We can provide you ideas when you are stuck, and get in touch with any of the contacts you may need.

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