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Wedding Spotlight: Meet Rachel & Jeramy

By: Katy Hunt

We are all born with an innate desire to find our other half. That one person that completes you, compliments you, and shows you what it’s like to be absolutely and wholly loved. It’s no secret that finding your person can be a trying task, given that there are 7 billion people on the planet. However in recent years, dating apps have become a real catalyst for some couples trying to find that special someone. This month’s spotlight couple, Rachel and Jeramy, are a perfect success story! With Rachel from Burlington County, NJ and Jeramy from Fort Worth, TX originally, fate was just waiting for these two to swipe right.

“Like many modern couples, we met on the apps in June 2019. We immediately hit it off, and I remember coming home from our first date thinking, ‘I've never met anyone like that,’” Rachel recalled. The one thing that stuck out to her the most was how incredibly genuine Jeramy seemed even from day one. Not only did he have a way of making her feel like the most important person in the room, but that’s how he managed to make everyone feel - and she admired that greatly. His earnest interest and her excitement continued on their second date, and the rest was history. “I just had this gut feeling we were going to be together forever,” Rachel gushed. And true enough, the pair were married in October of 2023, and we were lucky enough to witness every detail of this most fun day ever!

The day started with the bride and groom getting ready in their respective Airbnbs before heading over to none other than the local Trader Joe’s parking garage for their first look. It’s a little known fact that this garage is a hidden gem for stellar Philly skyline photos. Naturally while Jeramy awaited the arrival of his wife-to-be, he just had to get some silly keepsake photos inside Trader Joe’s. He got some great practice walking through the aisles! 

Later that day, guests were dazzled and absolutely rocked when presented with the ceremony in the ballroom theater of the renowned Ruba Club. The Ruba Club is one of the most unique and one-of-a-kind venues that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Originally founded in 1914 as a social club, the venue offers multiple rooms to provide unforgettable experiences. They offer two full-service bars, a vintage cabaret speakeasy, and a vaudeville style ballroom theater - allowing for a ton of flexibility for any event needs.

When searching for a venue to host the most perfect of days, Rachel and Jeramy knew they wanted something whimsical and artistic, much like the vibe of their fabled second date at Tattooed Mom. They also wanted a space that celebrated the unique charm that only Philadelphia boasts, especially since they were planning to host several out-of-town guests, many from Texas. After researching and coming up empty in local wedding forums, Rachel found herself transfixed with a particular Reddit thread highlighting the most unique venue: the Ruba Club in Northern Liberties. “The space is quirky and you can feel its history throughout the entire space. To this day, our guests still tell us how much they loved the venue,” Rachel explained.

And with that, Jeramy and Rachel took their places on stage in front of their loved ones and proclaimed their everlasting love. Rachel indicated that this was one of her favorite moments from the day. “Our vows were very personal, and my husband moved everyone to tears,” she recalled. After lots of tears and smiles, the giddy newlyweds snuck away to take some portraits. “Our venue is right around the corner from Silk City Diner, so we had a blast taking pictures there right after the ceremony. They're my favorite pictures of our entire album,” Rachel explained. The neon lights, the wedding dress, and the Philly night sky made for immaculate vibes!

In the meantime, guests enjoyed drinks and billiards in the speakeasy for cocktail hour while the theater was transformed into an amazing party space for the reception. Here, they continued to dance the night away! “Our DJ just absolutely killed the music. The dance floor was packed the entire night,” Rachel mused.

Having successfully found and secured their other halves, we just had to ask Rachel and Jeramy what advice they had for couples planning their big days. Rachel was more than happy to indulge us:

“Invest in the parts of your day that are most important, don't be afraid to reach out for help, and be creative where you can. 

The reality for our generation is that weddings have become increasingly expensive. We knew early on that many of the ‘nice to haves’ were just not in the budget. I DIY-ed all of our signage, bought most decor second-hand from other brides, and had support from family and friends to get things to the venue. Hiring the Divas actually saved me money, because I could DIY all of the components that would otherwise be really costly while knowing they'd make sure it all went to plan.

Local Facebook groups were a total godsend for decor, but also for vendor reviews. I found our amazing photographer and the Divas because other brides had highly recommended them.”

Sound advice indeed! Thank you for letting us be a part of your very special day, Rachel and Jeramy. We are truly honored to have witnessed such a pivotal part of your journey together. We wish you all the love and happiness always!


Venue: The Ruba Club

Catering: Porco's Small Oven and Pastry Shop, Federal Donuts and Hip City Veg

Sweetheart Cake: New June Bakery

Photographer: Paige Kowal Photography


Hair & Makeup: Gloss Philly, Jenn Haines Makeup & Hair


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