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Diva Inspo: Do-it-Yourself Floral Details

By: Hannah Power

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers – some would argue that the arrangements and floral elements are the most critical investment of a wedding! Looking for out-of-the-box, DIY ways of incorporating more of them into your big day? Look no further – we’ve pulled together some of our favorite ideas for your Diva Detailing inspiration!

Fresh Flower Wall

Everyone loves a fun photo op – and we tend to see the same sorts of backdrops over and over again. A fresh flower wall is a simple way to create a uniquely beautiful photo backdrop in a designated space at your venue. All you need for this DIY project is a selection of the flowers of your choice, scissors, and some washi tape in cute colors – easy!

Green Wedding Shoes has the step-by-step how-to – DIY: Fresh Flower Wall.

Flower Crown

Looking for an alternative to a veil? A truly ‘fresh’ take on the tradition is a flower crown – a beautiful, bohemian way to stand out. Baby’s Breath is a perfect choice for this, and Paisley and Sparrow has a simple how-to – DIY Baby’s Breath Flower Crown. Their suggestion of using the crown as a wreath for your door after the big day is a bonus, to boot!

Blooming VIP Chairs

Consider an alternative to covering all of your chairs with florals (let’s be real, that’s the dream), and focus the attention on your VIP guests. Using floral wire and tape, you can easily create bundles of eucalyptus, baby’s breath, small roses in neutral tones, and/or any other florals you’re incorporating into your arrangements. Fix them to the backs of your guest of honors’ designated seats, and voila!

Flower Petal Confetti

Planning a confetti-filled send-off? Use flowers to make a biodegradable, eco-friendly confetti – without sparing an ounce of beauty. Dried lavender throws just like rice, and you can create a colorful mixture by adding in dried rose buds and petals, delphinium, hydrangea, and others. The mixture shown here includes lavender (which also lends a gorgeous fragrance), pink and burgundy rose petals along with bright cornflower blue.

To make, simply bunch together stems of the flowers of your choice in an elastic band, hang them upside down somewhere dry (pantry or cupboard works great), wait about a week and then strip the petals once they’ve dried. Ways to distribute this to guests are to make confetti cones (see how here: How to Make Paper Confetti Cones), or utilize small organza bags or plastic treat bags.

Have you tried any of these ideas for your wedding or event, or do you plan to? Let us know – we love to hear from you, and enjoy sharing photos from friends!

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