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2024 Wedding Trends: What's In & What's Out?

By: Katy Hunt

New year, new you! You know what that means? The Divas are here to ensure you enter 2024 with a matching new mindset as you plan your big day. While you worry about setting your new year’s resolutions, we will keep you trendy and current where upcoming wedding trends are concerned. After such a fruitful year of planning and executing weddings for all of our wonderful couples, of course we want to make sure we stay up-to-date with what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2024. In all honesty, we will always think that whatever you uniquely choose to do will be “in”...but here are just a few of our predictions for the year ahead!

Photo Credit: Daria M. Photography

IN: Bride walking herself down the aisle

Of course, we love moms and dads and all the important figures in our couples’ lives. But you know what we also adore? Confident and independent brides! All eyes will be on you as you strut your way down the aisle.

OUT: Forcing yourself to do wedding traditions

Traditions exist in nearly all aspects of life, but certainly do not need to be present on your wedding day. If they don’t feel like you, toss ‘em! Two traditions we think are on their way out are the garter and bouquet toss. All the single ladies brawling and thrashing for the bouquet is definitely a super fun spectacle…but why are we paying money for flowers only to throw them?! And the garter…do I really need to get into that?

IN: Hiring a wedding day content creator

You should be able to relax and enjoy every part of your day, so why not let someone else capture all the candid, fun moments that you’d normally post on your story? This can replace assigning one of your bridesmaids to the task, but gets the same content as if they were doing so! Plus…your content creator will be well versed in all the latest TikTok trends to try.

Video Credit: Jacqui Genung

OUT: Wedding diets

Need we say more? You are BEAUTIFUL and will SHINE just as you are on your day.

IN: Creative dessert options vs tiered cakes

A traditional tiered wedding cake is simply a work of art, and beautiful to behold. But we have seen couples starting to move away from big cakes that guests won’t eat, and towards dessert tables with options for everyone, donut “cakes”, small personal cakes just for the couple to cut, and so much more!

OUT: Traditional wedding favors

Traditional favors are a lovely and thoughtful gesture. However, they can be costly, and the unuseful ones are often left behind by guests anyways. You could say they’ve fallen out of favor. However, what’s “in” are favors that are arguably more beneficial, and even can double as a seating chart! We have been seeing couples pair homemade cookies, keychains, and scratch-offs with their seating assignments.

Photo Credit: Aysa Photography

IN: High updos

Beyond elegant, low-maintenance, will keep you cool. Enough said!

OUT: Formal guest book

It’s always lovely to reflect on all those signatures in your guest book, but there’s just so many more creative options out there that don’t feel like a funeral.

IN: No cell phones at the ceremony

You pay for a professional photographer for a reason! Let guests know beforehand, or with a clever sign outside your ceremony site, that cell phone photos will not be permitted, and phones should be turned off altogether. The last thing you need is a quirky ringtone interrupting your vows!

OUT: Sweetheart tables

Hey, if you two want to be on your own little island by yourselves, that’s totally fine. But if you want all the juicy gossip that may ensue from your big day, opt to sit at a head table with your bridal party.

IN: Dances with mom and/or both parents

The father/daughter dance is sweet and classic. But we absolutely adore the idea of having a special dance with each parent in your life…for both the bride and groom! Chances are, you already have a special song picked out. I know mine and my mom’s is “Dancing Queen” by ABBA!

IN: Having a “night before” celebration

This could be directly after the rehearsal dinner, or its own event entirely if your rehearsal dinner is another day. A celebration the night before the wedding at a designated restaurant/location is a great way to connect with your guests from out of town before the main event!

IN: Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids dresses of different styles, but the same color and fabric have been super trendy the past few years! But we absolutely love the idea of bridesmaids choosing their own style, color (within the same color family of course), and fabric.

IN: Preserving your bouquet

Again…you may pay hundreds of dollars for your florals. Having your bouquet professionally preserved into a piece of art gives you a beautiful memento from your wedding that will last forever.

Photo Credit: Jac&Jules Photography

Again…this is all completely subjective! The Divas are on your side always and forever. We love seeing our couples follow old trends, new trends, and even create their own trends!

Photo Credit: 

Daria M. Photography

Aysa Photography

Jac&Jules Photography

Video Credit:

Jacqui Genung



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